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Justin Maymoundok

Justin Maymoundok, reporter

Justin Maymoundok, 8th, is a very fun, happy, smart and always in a good mood.

"I would describe myself as an outgoing person," Justin said.

Some of the things Justin enjoys are sports, playing Mario Cart, and eating chocolate.

"Sports is when I can let loose and enjoy what I love," Justin said.  "I love playing Mario Cart because it never gets boring."


Friends are very important to Justin.  They are always there for him and have his back.

"My friends are important because they're like family to me," Justin said.

Elijah Tabut, 8th, shares the bond.

"He's not just a good friend -- more of a brother to me," Elijah Tabut, 8th, said.  "Justin is a nice, funny and athletic guy who's fun to be around."

Written by Gladis De La Fuente

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Justin Maymoundok