Boys’ Basketball Teams Find Success

Dedication, discipline, and devotion served as the key ingredients to the Boys’ Basketball winning seasons. On February 12th, the 9th graders clinched their conference title. Along with that, they are only two games away from being undefeated.

“The pressure of keeping an undefeated season hasn’t had any effect on the way I play on the freshmen team,” Derrick “Deuce” Wise II, 8th, said, “I just do what I got to do when I got to do it.”

As the 9th graders feasted like kings, the 8th graders battled their way together as a family.

“I put my trust in my team and what they have achieved,“ Greg Washington, 8th, said.

To keep their winning season, the 8th graders had to put in extra work.

“I find my motivation from my heart to strive for greatness,” Elijah Tabut, 8th, said.

While the 8th graders became a family, the 7th graders were the one to beat. Unfortunately, they fell short of a perfect season when losing to Darby in the City Championship.

“I felt bad about the City Championship loss because I felt like Darby was talking smack,” Lynden McDonald, 7th, said.

Dedication and motivation lifted all of these teams to an overall winning season.

“I found the motivation in my heart,” Derrick said. “I just woke up one day and had the motivation to put in the extra work.”

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