Football Teams Take on Challenges with Courage

7th Grade Team takes pride in being named City Champs.

With the courage and agility of a cheetah, the Raider football team tackled their opponents.  For the 7th grade team, playing in the City Championship did not only require skill but also courage. As the boys listened to pre-game speeches from the coaches, they knew they were as ready as a lion after its prey.

“To win the City Championship, we had to have the will not to give up and continue going,” J.T. Thorne, 7th, said. “I also had to have faith in my teammates.”

While the 7th grade team enjoyed their winning status, the 8th grade football team worked together to overcome challenges.  Determination ran through the boys’ minds. It was a can-do attitude for the team and Coach Hinkle.

“I always expected our team to work hard and never quit,” Coach Hinkle said. “I also expected our athletes to play with desire and dedication.”

To the team, courage played a big role in the games, especially with athletes’ injuries interfering.

“We had to work with what we had,” Eli Bolton, 8th, said.

Despite these set backs, the 8th grade team still ended with a 7-3 season.  Things were a little more bleak for the 9th graders. It all began with intense summer practice.

“The biggest challenge was practicing in the hot, blazing, terrible summer,” Jason Sepas said.

The freshman faced criticism and finished with with seven losses.

“Our biggest challenge was not quitting after losing so many games,” Esteban Mirales, 9th, said.