Video Game Review: Minecraft


In the popular video game Minecraft, players must defeat the Ender Dragon to beat the game. After you beat the dragon, you play a sandbox game in which you can do whatever you want within the game. You will spawn somewhere in the world you created, and you need to survive. In the day, you are safe, but night is very dangerous.

Minecraft has two versions of it: Bedrock (available on mobile, console, PC) and Java (only available on PC). The game can be played in single player and multiplayer modes. The Bedrock version of Minecraft has crossplay which means it can play Minecraft with players who use all devices while Java can only play with other people who use Java. Java Minecraft only supports keyboard and mouse, but Bedrock supports controllers as well as keyboard and mouse, and torch if you are using your phone to play.

The game is relatively easy, but you can change your difficulty as you wish. In the hardcore difficulty, you only have one life and when you die, you can respawn. The game is hard if you don’t know what you are doing. Just go by trial and error or do a Google search on how to do something. You need to get resources and tools as armor to stay alive during the night. You need to mine to get better items. The controls are easy to figure out and you can change your control. There are some advancements in the game to help guide you for beating the game.

Ratting: 9 out of 10