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DaKadence Youngblood

Da'Kadence Youngblood, Reporter

The happy, brown-eyed Da’Kadence Youngblood, 8th, enjoys Journalism class, being around her friends, and helping others.

“I am quiet until I get to know you, and I enjoy being nice to people,” Da’Kadence said. “I could also go without enemies because I ain’t got time for all of that.”

Of her six siblings, Da’Kadence gets along best with Da’Kalous and Da’Kaisley. Her 96-year-old great grandmother has been the most influential person in Da’Kadence’s life.

“She taught me to be the best that I can be and never let anyone tell me what I can't do,” Da’Kadence said. “For that, I will be forever grateful.”

The best advice she ever received came from her great grandmother who encouraged her to be the best person she could be by all means.

“This was valuable advice because my great grandmother is very knowledgeable and has seen a lot in her life while on this Earth.”

The best travel experience Da’Kadence had was going to Florida.

“I got to visit Disney World with my family,” Da’Kadence said. “I would love to travel to Australia because I would love to see kangaroos in person.”

Da'Kadence's best friends are Ja’Nasia Webster, Jamiah Hall, and Jurnee Joseph because they are fun to be around.

When she first met Da'Kadence, Jurnee thought she was weird because of how Da'Kadence looked at her, but she turned out to be nice.

"Da'Kadence never goes behind my back," Jurnee said.

Ja'Nasia thought Da'Kadence was too quiet but realized later that was not true.

"Da'Kadence matches my energy," Ja'Nasia said.

Friends are a very important factor in Da'Kadence's life.

“They are always there when I need them,” Da’Kadence said.

Profile by Alexa White

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Da'Kadence Youngblood