Lady Raiders Lead the Way with Winning Volleyball Season


8th grade Volleyball Team 2021-2022

Positive attitudes, good behavior, and strong coaching led the Lady Raiders to a winning Volleyball season. Some teammates even aspired to play at college level.

Angelina Chanthavongsa contributed to the winning season by being self motivated.

“I worked hard during practice to improve and be better for our games,” Angelina said.

Sha’Nyah Perry encouraged her teammates.

“I cheered the team on to pull us up to a win,” Sha’Nyah said.

Gabby Uriarte also supported everyone.

“I tried to keep everyone in a positive attitude by cheering for them in practice,” Gabby said.

Crystal Villanueva motivated the Lady Raiders as well as set personal goals.

“I worked hard to perfect my serves, which helped a lot towards the end of the season,” Crystal said.

Caroline McKinney helped the team have a winning season by playing multiple positions.

“Caroline was a leader and played to the best of her ability in every position to try and get the win,” Coach Caldwell said.

Coach Heyn and Coach Caldwell helped the Lady Raiders improve and become stronger by exercise. To keep the ladies focused, Coach Caldwell made sure they were not playing around.

“Coach Caldwell yelled at us a lot, but I think that’s what helped us improve,” Angelina Manylath said. “Coach Heyn pushed us and made us do Butterfly drills over and over again. It paid off when we won our last game. Everyone got up and hugged each other to celebrate.”

Jessica Vallejo appreciated the coaches pushing the team to do their best.

“We got better and overcome our weaknesses,” Jessica said.

Angelina Chanthavongsa valued the coach’s efforts motivate the team.

“They explained stuff well and helped us when we needed help,” Angelina said.

Gabby Ledesma valued the coaches helping them get better in their most ‘help needed’ areas.

“They made sure we tried our best,” Gabby Ledesma said.

The ladies had their favorite moments of the season such as Jessica Vallejo who enjoyed hearing Justin Bieber music while serving and warming up.

“It kept us energized, and we were being goofy,” Jessica said.

The last game against Darby stood out to Sha’Nyah.

“It was a close game, and we deserved to win,” Sha’Nyah said.

Crystal Villanueva’s favorite memory was when she served in an actual game for the first time.

“It made me really confident and made me feel like anything was possible,” Crystal said.

Hitting the winning point against Darby was Nevaeh Smith’s favorite moment.

“We were tied and Coach C was smiling for the first time,” Nevaeah said.

Ja’Nasia Webster loved beating Darby at the end of the season, especially since they had defeated Kimmons before and are a good team.

“When we beat them, we yelled, ‘We won!’ on the court and in the locker room,” Ja’Nasia said.

Coach Caldwell is most proud of the improvement and effort of the girls made from the beginning of the season to the end.

“They never gave up on themselves or each other,” Coach Caldwell said.