Coach Arnold Converts from Pro Athlete to Educator


Hailing from White Hall, Arkansas, Coach Percy Arnold played in the National Urban Professional Baseball League and the Pecos League before heading around the horn to the field of education.

Coach Arnold earned an Associates of Art from Arkansas Tech University and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Central Baptist College. Next, he coached baseball at Heber Springs High School for one year.

What Coach Arnold likes best about Kimmons is working with the unique personalities here.

“It’s always a new challenge, and that’s exciting,” Coach Arnold said. It’s just something that you realize dealing with so many different kids – from student athletes to girls PE and everything in between. They all need to be treated differently to some extent.”

His love for sports and fitness, along with his joy of being around students, first inspired Coach Arnold to become a P.E. teacher and coach.

“I have played sports since I was 8 years old, so it’s almost a part of my DNA and sports,” Coach Arnold said. “Fitness is something I enjoy; plus, it relieves stress.”

Coach Arnold hopes to improve the athletics programs and help build relationships with students. His biggest challenges as a P.E. teacher and coach is finding ways to connect to all the different players’ experiences and being relatable.

“You never know how student athletes will receive you when you start, so that’s always a challenge,” Coach Arnold said.

Outside of school, Coach Arnold works out, plays sports, and hangs out with friends.

“My friends and I like to go to events, eat out, and go on road trips,” Coach Arnold said. “I just enjoy visiting other places like Buffalo, New York; Oceanside, California; and Cancun, Mexico and enjoying the customs there or just meeting different people.”