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Jahir Araujo

Jahir Araujo, Reporter

Jahir Araujo, 9th, is quite a funny, talkative, and curious character who enjoys distracting people with his jokes.

Joshua Martinez, 9th, has been Jahir’s best friend since elementary school.

“In 5th grade, Jahir proceeded to touch me, and we both laughed,” Joshua said. “I would describe him as goofy, dumb, and clueless. My favorite memory is spending time with Jahir at school almost every day, but If I had to choose it would be when we sneaked to each other's houses at 3 a.m.”

In addition to being a prankster, Jahir has another side.

“Jahir could be really sweet too once you get to know him really well,” Jemmy Ramirez Lopez, 9th, said.

Jahir used to help his grandma every day since she can’t walk so well.

“My big brother was the one who helped me,” Jahir said.

Cristian, Jahir's older brother, is his best friend.

“He has taken the blame for me and always looks out for me,” Jahir said.

Jahir’s family is very important to him, even though they do the unnecessary things that they are not supposed to.

“The most challenging thing about my family is most of them tend to do illegal things, like in and out of jail, and I'm nowhere close to as bad as them," Jahir said.

Laziness is a flaw Jahir would like to eliminate.

“I tend not to get things done as I want to, like cleaning my room or sleeping a lot, “Jahir said.

Jahir’s all-time favorite musician is Pooh Shiesty.

“He has that south rap music, and he spits straight bars,” Jahir said.

Project x is Jahir’s favorite movie to watch.

“It shows a man that had a party at his house, and more people kept coming in around 10,000 in front and back of his house,” Jahir said.

Profile written by Jessica Nelke

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Jahir Araujo