Series Review: Moon Knight


Cody Goodson, Reporter

The Disney+ series Moon Knight is about a man named Steven Grant, an Egyptian mythology fanatic played by Oscar Isaac, and his quest discovering peril and finding out the gods really do exist. He serves the American avatar Khonshu (god of the moon) and faces off against a gang who wants to revive an evil god.

The acting is some of the best I’ve ever seen. As revealed in the first episode, Steven has two personalities living inside of him: a mild-mannered British man and an avatar representation of Khonshu. Isaac does an amazing job playing both personalities as if they are two different people, switching between them flawlessly. Ethan Hawke is great at being Arthur Harrow, a psychopathic villain who thinks he is “saving” humanity by serving an evil god. Harrow shows no remorse when killing people and thinks they are just part of a greater cause.

The CGI in Moon Knight mainly represents Khonshu’s physical form. The special effects are so good that it doesn’t even appear fake. Khonshu’s clothes blow in the wind, his feet leave imprints in the sand, and characters speak to him and interact with him as if he is a real person. If you showed somebody who knows nothing about the show, they would think that it was just a big prop or costume.

Finally, the costumes are amazing. When Grant suits up as Moon Knight, he dons a costume that appears like the bandaged wrappings of a mummy, which fits perfectly. The crescent moon emblem on Grant’s chest represents Khonshu. Moon Knight can also pull the moon emblem off with a “shing” and use it like a shuriken spinner to kill his evil enemies. Grant’s eyes glow white, and his hood never falls off his head.

All of these elements combine to make a masterpiece of this Marvel show. I recommend Marvel fans get a Disney+ subscription if they don’t already have one, and treat themselves by watching Moon Knight, which I give a 10/10.