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Cody Goodson

Cody Goodson, Reporter

Stepping into Ms. Mullin’s classroom, Cody Goodson, 8th, looked down at his brand-new shoes and then up at his brand-new classroom. Before long, he made friends and enjoyed sharing his love of chess, MineCraft, and Five Nights & Freddy’s.

Cody’s Bucket List includes traveling to Canada – the home of syrup and seeing an alligator bite something.

“Alligators have a really strong bite,” Cody said. “I would like to go to Africa because it has really cool wildlife.”

Friends are really important to Cody.

“I talk to them when I’m bored, and I would be bored all the time if I didn’t talk to them,” Cody said.

Funny and fun to be around is how Ronaldo Gonzalez, 8th, described Cody.

“Cody is a great friend and has made school better for me,” Ronaldo said. “He also gave me a little push in deciding whether I should've joined Quizbowl at the beginning of the school year.”

Along with friendships, come fun and games.

“I enjoy playing video games because you can do anything you want as long as you pick the right game,” Cody said.

Ronaldo has a fun memory with Cody.

“We were playing a certain frisbee game online, and Cody wasn't doing so well at it,” Ronaldo said. “Even though I liked this moment, I can't say that Cody enjoyed it as much, but I was having a lot of fun and laughing a lot.”

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Cody Goodson