Raiderettes Support Charity, Show Talent

Oneida Ibarra, reporter

With pink pom poms in hand, the Raiderettes stepped onto the field amidst clapping and cheering.  They had practiced their synchronized moves to Beyonce’s “Who Run the World?” for a month.

“We performed during Breast Cancer Awareness month in remembrance of the fighters, survivors, and the taken,” Raeven Drake, who choreographed the dance, said.

The Raiderettes also performed routines learned at summer dance camp.  Before certain games, the ladies showed their dance moves to the crowd.  During game action, the Raiderettes supported the cheerleaders from up in the bleachers and impressed fans.

“Something that surprised me about the Raiderettes was how they stand in the bleachers and do their high kicks with ease,” Yvette Sifuentes, 8th, said.

When the ladies were not performing or cheering, they took turns selling 50/50 tickets to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness fund.  They also collected donations from students for the local Angel Tree program.

“Participating in charity programs means that we are not just dancing and showing spirit but also helping making a difference for those in need,” Destiny Thomas, 9th, said.

Being a Raiderette required the girls to do some things they had never done before.

“I had to face my big fear of dancing in front of everyone,” Makayla Cunningham, 9th, said.

Stepping outside their comfort zones benefited the girls.

“My favorite part of being a Raiderette is that I can build up my confidence,” Taylor Gilyard, 8th, said.