New LEGO Robotics Teams Prep for Qualifying Match

The LEGO Robotics teams, sponsored by Mrs. Walker, have chosen the project of creating an idea of how to help astronauts on a year-long space journey. They will be competing in a qualifying match in Springdale, AR, on December 15.

Gabriel Garcia, 7th, found the task challenging.

“We had to bring oxygen and somehow get sun rays to plants to start life on another planet,” Gabriel said.

Cole Grist, 8th, felt there were various factors that could impact the project.

“We had to think of what would affect the astronauts most,” Cole said.

New to robotics, Garrett Springs, 7th, believed that finding a good quality way to use the plan was a challenge.

“When you have robotic kits, it is all about patience and quality for the robot,” Garrett said.

Nha Ho, 7th, identified not knowing how to use the program software as difficult. Nathan Fuhrman, 9th, found picking an idea and sticking with it to be challenging.

“We had to be ready to change the plan if it didn’t work out,” Nathan said.

As for what makes LEGO robotics design interesting, Gabriel said that with the right design, the robot may have a lot of potential. Cole enjoyed combining parts together to make something work as a drone.

“Combining other parts can make something even better,” Cole said.

To ensure they get to compete in the December qualifying match, the teams designed and redesigned its robot.

“We had to test the program and figure out and understand it, so we could program our robot to the best of its abilities,” Cole said.

Programming was important.

“We tried to find new ways to program our LEGO robot and make sure there weren’t any mistakes,” Nadia Facio, 8th, said.

They also certified the robot on how it operates.

“That makes less chance of the robot having technical difficulties,” Nha said.

After the design phase, the team conducted tests.

“We practiced our robot on our course,” Gabriel said.

Teamwork was key.

“We all get along, which is the most important thing to the judges,” Alexis Guerra, 7th, said.

Aiden Dodson, 7th, found learning about LEGO robotics interesting.

“It’s way harder to do than people think because you need to make sure everything fits and works together,” Aiden said.

Nha liked the possibilities that come with making mistakes.

“Putting together things that are wrong can make something right,” Nha said.

Nathan enjoyed the versatility of LEGO robotic design.

“The fact that you can almost do anything with it from making the robot sing a song to writing a sentence on paper is interesting,” Nathan said.

Sponsor Mrs. Walker is excited about the new LEGO robotics teams here.

“They are learning about core values, robot design, teamwork, and so much more!” Mrs. Walker said.