How to Keep Snapchat Streaks Going


Snapchat Streaks aren’t hard to keep, but they take time, and you have to be dedicated. Losing streaks may cost you a friendship, especially if the streak is higher than 100. To get a snap streak, you have to snap someone at least once a day, and they have to reply. Do this for three consecutive days, and the streak will show up as a number three with whatever emoji you choose. The streak number will grow daily as long as you are snapping back and forth. You can also change the emoji by your streak number by going into the settings. If you go too long without sending or receiving a snap, you’ll see an hourglass by the streak to alert you that the streak is about to end.

A good way to keep up with your streaks is to put a special emoji by your friend’s snapchat name so when you take a picture in the morning or at night, you can say “good morning streaks” or “goodnight streaks” and just send that one snap to all of your streaks. You can snap your streaks during the day, too, just by saying “streaks.” However, some of your friends might want to start a conversation, and if you decide to begin one, who knows how long you’ll be talking.