Students Dress up for Football Spirit Week

Laughter and joy filled the halls during Football Spirit Week as students dressed up each day. A burst of colors could be spotted as students’ inner child emerged. As everyone admired each other’s outfits, people could hear oohs and awws. Two students stood out for their school spirit: freshmen Malaysia Cotton and Clayton Hartwig.

The week kicked off with Pajama Day. Malaysia wore her Christmas-themed footie pajamas, and Clayton dressed in his flannel pajama pants.

“Nerd day took me more time to get ready,” Malaysia said

Tuesday was Athlete vs. Mathlete Day — Clayton’s favorite day. Both Malaysia and Clayton dressed up as nerdy mathletes. Malaysia wore white converse with long white socks and light brown pants with white buttoned-up shirt combined with a purple granny sweater.

“My friends participated the most that day, and I took lots of photos,” Clayton said.

Not only did it take creativity to make a outfit to match the theme, but it took Malaysia extra time to get ready for school.

On Mismatch Day, students wore items like bright-green hoodies with dark purple pants and two different shoes and varied colored socks. Malaysia dressed in a bright pink shirt looking like a flamingo with black and white patterned leggings with a rainbow sock on her left foot and purple polka dotted sock on her right foot.

For School Spirit Day, seventh graders wore red, eighth graders wore black, and ninth graders wore white. Some also painted their faces with a series of red, black, and white dots.

On Friday, different team jerseys were seen all over the school on students and teachers. Malaysia wore a red Razorbacks team jersey number 11 with black leggings and red Nike high tops.

“I’m a 9th grader, and I’ve got to represent,” Clayton said.