New Cheer and Dance Teams

Students faced challenges when trying out for the cheer and dance teams last month. Coaches and judges watched tryouts critically to select their new members.

“Our biggest challenge was showing the coaches and judges how we really wanted to be cheerleaders and putting in all of that effort, dedication, and hard work,” Aaliyah Bay, 8th, said. “Being part of the cheer team means being a representative for our school because we are there role models.”

Other cheerleaders simply had problems with fear.

“The biggest challenge of tryouts was actually bringing up all of my courage and confidence to have a well executed tryout,” Natalie said. “Being on the cheer team means I represent Kimmons in a bigger way now, I’m a part of a team that’s gonna be there for one another.”

Maiya Walton, 8th, is one of the returning members to the cheer team.

“To be a leader for the new members, I will try to keep them in line and hopefully shape them to be great future returners,” Maiya said

Some returning cheerleaders wanted to avoid bad feelings.

“My biggest challenge in trying out for cheer was not letting everyone else’s attitude and fear rub off on me,” Jaylei Bolton, 8th, said. “Next year, I plan to not let everyone goof off and to encourage them to be more of a family, not just a team.”

New Raiderettes also struggled with nerves during tryouts.

“The biggest challenge was trying to learn the dance and present it with confidence,” Yamileth Viera, 7th, said. “Most of us had never performed in front of someone before, so we felt shy.”

Raiderettes had to remember entire dance routines.

“The biggest challenge was remembering the dance in one day,” Samantha Rivera, 7th, said. “Being a Raiderette means everything! I was inspired to try out when I first saw them dance.”

Recalling every move was as hard as remembering math equations for a test.

“The music was fast and everything we had learned was gone as soon as the music started,” Destini Hernandez, 8th, said.

Coordination presented an issue as well.

“Remembering the steps to the dance was hard because I kept getting my counts wrong,” Messiah Mitchell said.

It was not always easy to remain confident.

“Staying positive was a challenge because I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the team,” Amya Salter, 7th, said. “Being a part of the Raiderettes means I have completed my # 1 goal this year. I had doubted myself, but I did not give up.”

Despite many having fears, others were very excited to make the dance team.

“Trying out is the most exciting thing that ever happened to me,” Kimberly Nguyen said. “I am thrilled because it will help me get close to a whole new group of friends.”

Lexis McCollum, 8th, is one of the returning dance members for the dance team.

“My way of being a leader is to cheer them on and keep them going,” Lexis said