Cheer and Dance Teams Celebrate End of Season

To celebrate the end of the season, the dance and cheer teams visited Rogers, AR, in February. First, they went to Fast Lane where they could bowl, drive a go kart, and ride a roller coaster.

“My favorite moment was laser tag because it was my first time ever playing it,” Gavin Garrett, 9th, said.

Jaylei Bolton, 8th, also enjoyed laser tag.

“Mrs. Storey is very competitive,” Jaylei said. “Every time I turned around, she was there. Mrs. Storey was everywhere and killed me the most and then would say, ‘Aha!’”

Not everyone was coordinated while playing.

“We kept running into things and laughing,” Jessika Cruz said.

After a while the groups got hungry, so they attacked the food court at the Pinnacle Hills Mall where they ate burgers, pizza, and burritos. They also shopped and even created stuffed animals at Build-a-Bear.

“Pinnacle Hills has stores that we don’t have here, and it was packed,” Shelby Hartwig said.

For some, a day outside of the classroom was the best part.

“I enjoyed just having a girls day with my buddies and being able to shop around and talk while not having to worry about boys, school, or homework,” Genesis Zaizar, 8th, said.

Others liked having the chance to bond.

“I enjoyed taking pictures because for a split second, I got this feeling that those girls will forever be my family,” Gavin said.