Students Trip and Flip for Wheels in Motion


As students entered the Wheels in Motion skating rink for the March Incentive trip, they saw a dark room illuminated by bright, colorful lights.

“My favorite moment was skating and hanging out with the people I love because it was a moment for all of us to just relax and have a moment of enjoyment,” Elicia Vannavong, 7th, said.

For Keley Trinidad, 8th, relaxing involved hanging out with a favorite person.

“I enjoyed skating with the person who means the most to me because I love spending time with her,” Keley said.

Some students found excitement in trying to keep their balance.

“My friend Elicia Vannavong thought she was going to fall and clung on to me for dear life,” Anyely Cruz, 7th, said.

Students skated to songs like V.I.E.’s “Wobble” by V.I.E, Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle,” and Famous Dex’s “Took Time.”

“My favorite moment was when I was skating backwards with Mr. Graham because it was my first time having that experience,” Kaleb McDonald, 9th, said.

The students stayed at Wheels in Motion for around four hours, having access to the concession stand and souvenirs. Some students took their skates off in the middle of the rink and started dancing to the music. Others jumped on trampolines and played arcade games located in a separate room.

“I had a lot of fun with JT Thorne and Khaden Washington, “ Dandre Williams, 7th, said. “But my favorite part was when Khaden tried to do a reverse back flip.”