Students Enjoy Incentive Trip to AMP’d


For the January Student Incentive, students paid 600 LiveSchool points to go to AMP’d in Fort Smith to rock climb or play air hockey, foosball, pool, or basketball. They also challenged each other on Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii games.

“My favorite moment was when we climbed the rock wall because we got out of our comfort zones and tried to do something we believed we couldn’t do,” Brian Southammavong, 9th, said.

For lunch, students formed groups of three and shared a box of pizza. They could buy soda and candy for a dollar each. As the students ate, Mrs. Heyn and Mrs. Lemley reviewed the rules and introduced all of the choices of activities inside AMP’d.

“My favorite moment was how the staff members were so nice to assure that each student was buckled safely,” Yarely Duran, 7th, said. “No one else would care that much about our safety, I thank the staff so much for the wonderful time.”

During the trip, students sang happy birthday to Coach Ludgood and enjoyed hanging out with their friends outside of the classroom setting.

“My favorite moment there was the climbing wall because I had a chance to do something new, and it was fun to spend time with my friends,” Neri Saucedo, 8th, said.