Advanced Band Brings Home All 1s


Weeks of practicing, sweating, and marching in muddy shoes led to Advanced Band earning all ones at the ASBOA Region VIII Marching Assessment in mid October. The Kimmons Band chose a Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame theme with songs like the Eagles’ “Already Gone” and the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black.”

Assistant Band Director Ha felt fortunate to have worked with the musicians in his first year as a teacher.

“As a new band director, I was very focused on keeping the tradition of earning superior ratings going, earning that was a huge relief on my part,” Mr. Ha said. “What came next was utter pride. All the work and effort that our kids put in paid off. There was a challenge present to them, they worked hard and tackled that challenge, and their efforts were recognized.”

The competition brought out a wide range of emotions in the student musicians.

“The contest was lit!” Jennifer Hernandez said. “I felt exuberant and proud for a job well done. I hope they keep up the great work for next year.”

Other than feeling energized, some felt apprehensive at the start of the competition.

“All I was thinking about was my solo,” Jadon Sayharath said. “I cheered loudly when I heard our scores. I am proud of the whole Band for working together so smoothly these past few months. It means a lot to me that our team created a fantastic show.”

Karoline Khantharinh shared similar feelings.

“I felt very nervous because we were being watched like a hawk and being graded, but I tried not to think negatively,” Karoline said. “When I heard our score, I jumped off my seat and screamed at the top of my lungs. Then we all chanted and sang! Being a part of a winning team means that all those hot, sunny, horrible, yelling, exhausting practices weren’t for nothing.”