Students Honor Teacher’s Father by Donating to Local Humane Society

Mrs. McFarland with her father on Game Day

To honor Mrs. McFarland’s father, James ‘Peach’ McFarland, who passed away in September, the Raider Reps collected donations for the Sebastian County Humane Society. As a Raider himself, Mr. McFarland played 7th grade football here.

“It means a lot to me for Kimmons to do this in honor of my father,” Mrs. McFarland said. “I’m very grateful to all the staff and students involved.”

Principal Rathbun came up with the donation idea.

“Mrs. Mcfarland had shared that this was something her father would want.,” Principal Rathbun said. “I thought it was some way that we, as a school, could honor not only a teacher’s father, but a former Kimmons Raider.”

Items donated included dry cat and dog food, cleaning supplies, and blankets. Some gave money, which will go toward medications and food. Students gave their donations to their first-period teacher throughout September. The items will help the workers and volunteers at the Sebastian County Humane Society care for the animals and make sure they are happy.

Volunteer Ashley Garcia, 9th, hopes the donations have a positive impact.

“I hope the donations help us get the help the animals need,” Ashley said.

Mrs. McFarland’s entire first period class donated to the Sebastian County Humane Society. Giving anything they could to help the animals, these seventh graders donated towels, money, toys, stuffed animals, and food.

“I donated money because my dog died and so I thought I should give something to remember him,” Dynasty Andrews, 7th, said.