Students Learn Life Lessons through FCA

Students Learn Life Lessons through FCA

Each Wednesday morning throughout the school year, students gathered in room 502 at 7:45 share the word of Jesus with Mr. Fonville. They also smelled delicious donuts, which they ate with juice. In addition to Mr. Fonville’s scripture reading and lesson, students listened to local pastors such as Jackie Flake of Community Bible Church, Reverend Gary Hinkle of St. James Missionary Baptist Church, and Tim Beasley of Central Christian Church. Other guest speakers included youth pastors Marcus Rogers of Northside Pentecostal Church and Isaiah Hogan of Christ for the World, plus Tyson Simon, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) local representative.

“What I enjoyed most about attending FCA was seeing different people give us the word in different ways!” Eriel West, 8th, said. “I learned that you shouldn’t be scared to show your Christianity.”

Students felt like they should show who they are and where they came from.

“I enjoyed listening to Christian stories with all my friends,” Tamia Knauls, 8th, said. “At FCA, I learned to be a leader and to never judge anyone. It is important because it’s something you need to know in life.”

Mr. Fonville hopes that by attending FCA meetings, students learned valuable lessons.

“I hope the students gained knowledge of Christ’s grace and mercy that we have as simply being people walking this earth,” Me. Fonville said. “I also hope they learned to represent and demonstrate their faith to others throughout the school. Finally, I hope students have a sense of good and positive in their lives. So many areas of struggle and negativity are around us but having a short time of being positive and having joy takes so much of the struggle away.”