On-Time Students Get Rewarded with a Tardy Party

Students anxiously awaited the intercom announcement to be let out of 5th period for the April Tardy Party, their reward for getting to class on time and having no suspensions or time in SDC. The Student Incentive Team treated these teens to a DJ, dancing, and popcorn. Icees could be purchased for $1.

“My favorite part of the Tardy Party was getting in a circle and watching people dance,” Jaqueline Figueroa, 8th, said.

Some students felt honored to be rewarded for good behavior.

“We earned the Tardy Party, and it tells us to keep up the good work,” Gabrielle Pillstrom, 7th, said.

Danielle McBroom, 8th, also appreciated the reward.

“Being rewarded with the Tardy Party means we are a good representation of Kimmons, and it puts good pride in our school,” Danielle said.