Teachers Reflect on Freshmen Leaving Kimmons

With only a few months left of the school year, ninth grade teachers reflected on what they will remember most about their ninth graders.

“I will miss the warm greetings of this freshmen class,” Mrs.Lux, Economics teacher, said.” It’s a day maker to hear ‘Good morning Mrs.Lux! I also enjoyed Fluffernutter Day when we made fluffernutters to demonstrate the concept of diminishing marginal return.”

In addition to hands-on creations, teachers also liked the bond they formed with their students.

“This freshmen class has, by far, the best sense of humor of any I’ve had in quite a long time!” Mrs. Springs, oral communications teacher, said. “Generally speaking, they enjoy a good joke and know how to laugh at themselves — and me!”

Dr.Gray, English teacher, also appreciated her students’ funny side.

“I get quirky in class at times and will burst out in a silly song or dance a little jig, and the rest of the class will join in,” Dr. Gray said. “We work hard, but we also have fun doing it.”

Dr. Gray’s co-teacher, Ms. Florez, shared the same feelings.

“The students make me smile every day and make my job fun,” Ms. Florez said. “I will also miss going to see them play in the Orchestra outside of school because they are fantastic!”

Behavior wise, the teenagers have changed since their seventh-grade year.

“I can say that I have noticed a marked difference in the level of respect these students seem to give me,” Dr.Gray said. “These ninth graders are not as prone to ‘sassing’ or ‘talking back’ as freshmen were in previous years. These guys are really learning how to think first before they speak. Awesome!”

Aside from independent thinking, the teachers also valued the students’ outlook.

“I am grateful to have known these students,” Ms. Munsell said “They will be missed because of their positive attitudes, the way they embrace life, and their optimism about the future.”

This optimism carried over into other areas.

“My favorite memory of the freshmen class is the tribute they organized for Ms. Copeland at the fall pep rally,” Mrs. English said. “It showed the true spirit of KJH.”

Outside of the classroom, coaches found reasons to miss the Class of 2020.

“The best memory I have with this freshmen class is the great success that our Varsity football team had this season: 8-1 the best record we have accomplished within the last few years,” Mr. Hinkle, geometry teacher, said.