Love Strikes at the Cupid’s Ball

After Student Counsel members decorated the tornado shelter with pink, white, and red hearts, twinkle lights, and rose petals on tables, students arrived at the Cupid’s Ball to celebrate Valentine’s two days early.

“We had planned to give a feel of a beautiful ballroom with a Valentine’s Day appearance,” Johnny Chiamsachang, 9th, said.

Teenagers danced and laughed as the music played in the background. The colored lights added a cool effect. If the dancers got hungry, they could purchase a slice of pizza or a can of soda.

“My favorite part about the Cupid’s Ball was the dancing and just going in general because my friends and boyfriend went,” Ericka Martinez, 9th, said.

For some, the best part of Valentine’s holiday is exchanging gifts.

“my favorite part is getting and giving presents because it shows people’s love for each other,” Jasmine Lindsey, 9th, said.

Several students had received gifts after school including flowers, chocolates, and balloons from friends and family members.

“The best gifts I received was a box of chocolates and a huge teddy bear,” Andrea Matamoros, 9th, said.

Some people preferred the simple signs of affection.

“I enjoy the love, hugs, and kisses,” Brisa Salas, 9th, said.

Others even wore signs offering free hugs.

“Jose Morales inspired me to wear the sign,” Luis E. Martinez said. “It just felt right. I thought I was going to get in trouble from Mr. Watkins because he gave me a mad face, but then he opened his arms and said, ‘Alright, come here.'”