It’s a Girl!

Teachers gathered in the library in December to celebrate Mrs. Weaver who is expecting her first child. The 8th-grade Math department organized the baby shower.

“When I found out she was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to at least take part in some way so that I could show her how much I appreciate her friendship and how happy that I am for her!” Mrs. Medlock said. “So when the time came, I just decided to step up and make sure that she got the shower she deserves!”

The gifts that Mrs. Weaver got will help her once the baby is born, and she seemed happy with whatever she received.

“The baby shower was a wonderful expression of the friendship and thoughtfulness from my colleagues,” Mrs. Weaver said. “The idea that a person or group of people would give not only a gift but their time to honor a special event in my life is priceless.”

Friend and co-worker Mrs. Holland predicts that Mrs. Weaver will be a great mom.

“She has high expectations for her baby girl,” Mrs. Holland said. “To be honest, she probably will be a little up tight and overprotective. LOL!”

Mrs. Medlock agreed that Mrs. Weaver will make an “excellent mother” but “structured and strict.”

“She is somewhat of a germaphobe, but I have no doubt that her baby girl will have an endless amount of love!” Mrs. Medlock said.

Mrs. Weaver is excited to become a mother.

“I look forward to seeing this tiny person grow, change, learn, and become a productive, caring individual,” Mrs. Weaver said.