Freshmen Reflect on How They’ve Changed


Ybette Del Toro

Freshmen Andrea Garcia, Johnny Chiamsachang, Krislyn Edwards, and Rosie Ngyuen

With only one semester left at Kimmons, freshmen made the most of it and thought about how far they have come since entering the building as seventh graders three years ago.

Some liked the view from the top.

“The best thing I like about being a freshman is being at the top of the scale and having kids look to you as an example of a Raider,” Rosie Nguyen said.

There’s always something different about someone, and the freshmen have matured since seventh grade.

“I’ve changed in many ways since seventh grade,” Andrea Garcia said. “My grades have improved because now I am really focused and taking school more seriously.”

Each grade gets harder with ninth being the toughest now that there are credits to earn. There’s more homework, essays, and tests. Some freshmen miss how easy 7th and 8th grade were.

“What I miss the most about being in the 7th and 8th grades is not having as much homework as I do now,” Johnny Chiamsachang said.

There’s no more playing around in 9th grade.

“I’ve gotten a better attitude, and I haven’t gotten in trouble yet this year,” Krislyn Edwards said.