Rating Local Haunted Houses for Halloween


So they could get scared, teenagers visited Haunted Houses here and in Oklahoma throughout October.

The Zombie Apocalypse Haunted House on Towson Avenue gets a three-star rating for good acting and makeup.

“It was fun but still a little creepy because of the clowns and darkness,” Taylor Pritchett, 8th, said.

The Haunted Castle in Muskogee, Oklahoma, would be more of a two-star rating for being not very scary but still entertaining. It had a kid-safe play area, which made it perfect for families with small children.

“The Haunted Castle was very crowded but had good food like turkey legs and funnel cake,” Mr. Morris said. “One thing I learned is that Halloween is every bit as important to adults as it is to children.”

Not everyone felt as positive about the Haunted Castle.

“It was lame,” Braden Moore, 8th, said. “It needed more blood and jump scares.”

The Fort Smith Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs’ Cries at the Crossing at Fort Chaffee gets either two or three stars depending on who you ask. It was considered to be not very scary, but younger kids enjoyed it.

“The Cries at the Crossing was not very scary but still fun,” Haley Kemp, 9th, said.

With it’s home for ruthless criminals, the Haunted Jail in Poteau, Oklahoma, did give visitors a good scare. It earns a four-star rating because of its scary clowns and loud noises. Plus, all the money went toward the Cops & Kids Program.

“I wasn’t scared, but it was scary to the two 9-years-olds I had with me,” Mrs. Medlock said. “It was my son Mason’s first time in a haunted house. The boys were petrified and held on to us for dear life. It was hilarious!”

The Haunted Union at UAFS consisted of a haunted house for kids ages 13 and older, a children’s fun maze, carnival games, and Trunk-or-Treat. It gets a three-star rating.

“It was scary!” Sierre Thompson, 9th, said.