Seventh Graders Transition from Fear to Fun

Mrs. Martinez competes against her and Mr. Jones’ students in Speed Lab.

At the start of the semester, Kimmons Junior High warmly welcomed the seventh graders who looked like lost puppies searching for their owners. Luckily teachers and Raider Reps guided these little lost puppies.

“I believe 7th grade is the hardest year for so many kids because of all the changes going on, and I enjoy being able to help them if I can,” Mrs. Medlin, language arts teacher, said.

Like a New Year, seventh grade involved a fresh start in a different place, seeing bigger kids, and getting lost in a larger building.

“I was very nervous meeting new people in a new place,” Vicente Centeno said.

Facing so many new things, such as switching classes seven times, led some students to wish they could go back to elementary school.

“I miss 6th grade but moving on is better,” Braden Nguyen said. “You have to go at some point, but I can always go back and visit.”

Boys and girls alike felt fearful on that first day.

“I was nervous meeting new people and was worried about being in a big grade full of excellent students,” Crystal Barroso said.

Teachers helped ease the transition up to junior high.

“I very much enjoy being one of the first teachers who kids meet when they come here,” Mr. Jones, science teacher said. “I also welcome the opportunity of being able to present students with a very particular set of skills that will be beneficial to them as they continue their education.”

With nearly an entire semester completed, the seventh graders became less nervous as they let their personalities come out.

“What I like best about teaching seventh grade is that I laugh every day,” Mrs. McFarland, language arts teacher, said. “There is always something entertaining happening.”

Students had their favorite classes, too.

“I like Mr. Hansen because he is nice and fun and cracks me up,” Natalie Estrada said.