Pennies for Pasta

In fourth-period classes throughout April, people walked up to little cardboard boxes, ones that could change lives for years, and dropped in pocket change.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Olive Garden teamed up in 2002 to create “Pennies for Pasta,” a school fundraiser to help raise awareness and collect donations for blood research.

The classes who brought in over $100 each included Ms. Core ($101), Coaches Thompson and Lemley ($113), Mr. Shaffer ($114), Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Martinez ($120), Ms. Ferguson ($292), and Ms. Mullin ($300).

“We raised $1,372.21, which is over twice as much as last year’s total of around $620,” Mrs. English, Student Council sponsor, said.

Teachers encouraged their students daily to fill the boxes, and the donation process became competitive. Students tried to find out from others which classes were in the lead, and some even gave out false amounts to mislead their chief competitors.

“I was amazed at seeing my Journalism students drop in paper money every day,” Ms. Mullin said. “The past few years, I was lucky to get $5.00 in coins after a month, but this time, the kids stuffed the box with dollar bills, fives, tens, and even twenties!”

Ms. Mullin decided to match her students’ generosity with a check for $100. Anisha Hatton, 9th, donated the final fifteen to make an even $300.

“Putting in the last 15 dollars made me feel very proud not only of myself but of everyone in my 4th period Journalism class,” Anisha said. “Together, we won!”

The Pennies for Pasta fundraiser was not just about spaghetti and bread sticks.

“It felt very delightful to know I was helping a good cause,” Kanai Samountry, 8th, said.

The boxes of kindness will restore life to others.

“The generous donations exemplify the giving spirit of KJH students and staff,” Mrs. English said.