Musicians Bring Home Medals from Solo and Ensemble


Solo and Ensemble musicians waited to play their performance pieces for the judge at Darby Jr. High on Saturday, March 7.

“Solo and Ensemble gives students the chance to play in a smaller group setting or with a piano accompaniment,” Mr. Meyers, band director, said. “This is an important component in the development of instrumental musicians.

As students prepared for their solo or group performance, they practiced over and over again until they felt that they got it right.

Yael Saucedo, 8th, explained the environment at Darby.

“It was fun because it was exciting,” Yael said. “I heard really good auditions and saw a lot of new people.”

Magdalena Castillo, 8th, also enjoyed the atmosphere.

“It was cool and comfortable,” Magdalena said. “I saw some of my friends and a lot of people playing [their instruments].”

Band members performed with a variety of instruments like trombones, trumpets, clarinets, baritones, and orchestra instruments. Nerves invaded the musicians at almost all times of the auditions, especially when they felt rushed.

“I felt nervous before my performance because it was my first time ever doing Solo and Ensemble,” Yael said.

The musicians shared share their feelings about why they volunteered for the event.

“My brother inspired me because he has done it before and he won a lot of medals, and I wanted to try winning at least one,” Yael said.

All of the 8th and 9th graders from Kimmons placed in either first-division or second-division, and many won more than one medal. Kimmons received 55 first-division medals and ten second-division medals.

“The students worked hard and gave great performances,” Mr. Meyers said. “They represented Kimmons well.”