Kimmons’ Staff Experiences Baby Boom

Mrs. Post, Mr. Schneider, and Mrs. Martinez at the faculty baby shower in Nov. 2014

With new life cooking in the oven, five teachers prepared for their little bundles of joy: Mrs. Post, Mrs. Martinez, Mr. Schneider and his wife, Mrs. Bryant, and Mrs. English.

Mrs. Martinez had just had her first child when beginning her teaching career here in 2013.

“This pregnancy was very different from my first one because when I was pregnant with Paola, I was at home all the time,” Mrs. Martinez said. “I didn’t work, so that pregnancy was very enjoyable. With David, I worked here every day and was so tired by the time I got home.”

Despite the exhaustion, Mrs. Martinez found several things to be grateful for both times.

“Even though each pregnancy was different, I really enjoyed the same things like the ultrasounds, finding out if it was a boy or girl, and my baby showers,” Mrs. Martinez said.

For Mr. Schneider and his wife, the second pregnancy proved easier than the first.

“Since we already had a child, Tony, we knew what to expect,” Mr. Schneider said. “We knew better how to handle the new baby, and when Frankie cried, we knew what to do. We were also more emotionally prepared for the new baby.

Having baby Frankie served as a blessing in more ways than one.

“Our new baby was a girl so now we have the best of both worlds…a boy and a girl,” Mr. Schneider said. “Personally, it made my life more meaningfully because the new baby helps to fill in that void that was lost with my dad’s passing.”

Mrs. Post also found an unexpected blessing with her third child. She and her husband had tried to have another baby a few years ago but had no luck. They decided that they were done having children. Then, like Mr. Schneider, her father passed away suddenly in July of 2013.

“After he died, I definitely decided that I did not need to have another one,” Mrs. Post said. “Seven months later, I found out I was pregnant. Total surprise! I knew, since I had just lost my Dad, that this baby was a boy. He always wanted a little boy. I feel like this baby boy came into my life to help me with the loss of my Dad. I was so close to him. My baby even has blonde hair like my Dad. Cannon has made my heart happy again.”

Like Mrs. Post, this baby makes three for Mrs. English.

“The most exciting part of any pregnancy is knowing that a life is growing inside of you,” Mrs. English said. “Each week brings new developments and feeling the baby move and grow stronger is an amazing journey.”

Mrs. Bryant, who is due in April with her first child, is equally excited.

“I love feeling her kick and reading to her,” Mrs. Bryant said. “Being pregnant is a constant reminder that my husband and I have a huge responsibility to someone so teeny.”

Sometimes pregnancy brings fear.

“With my first baby, Laynee, I had really high blood pressure, and they had to induce labor two weeks early,” Mrs. Post said. “She was really small because of it. With the second baby, Raegan, it was just like in the movies — she came suddenly in the middle of the night and really fast — three and a half hours total. Raegan’s labor was really intense. Because of that, I was really scared about having Cannon.”

Aside from fears, illness, and stress, pregnancy has inspired these teachers to dream and hope for their children’s futures.

“I have the same hopes for this baby as I did with Austin and Jackson: be happy, healthy, and successful in their pursuits,” Mrs. English said.

Mrs. Bryant shares Mrs. English’s feelings.

“My dream for our baby girl is for her to have the passion and determination she needs to achieve her goals and ambitions,” Mrs. Bryant said. “We hope that she shares in our love for God, that she is happy, and that she loves life!”