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Selena Gonzalez

Selena Gonzalez, Reporter

Selena Gonzalez, 8th, is an aggressive, brave and humorous teen who, when wearing her pointy black hoodie, resembles a lawn gnome. She has memorable moments like when she broke her nose last summer when fake wrestling with her brother Junior and friend Grace Parks.

“It was the first time I have broken anything," Selena said. "Junior picked me up from behind and suplexed me, and I think my knee moved to the point hitting my nose to the left side.”

There are some things Selena could do without, like ketchup and books.

“When I try to read, I just go to sleep,” Selena said.

Friends are a must have for Selena.

“They are there for me when I need them and would help me with everything," Selena said. “I would do the same thing for them.”

The first impression Xyliah Xayvaongsa, 8th, had of Selena was that she was really kind and treated her friends great.

“When we walk home together, we can be serious with each other, and Selena is very non-judgmental – I can trust her,” Xyliah said. “She matches my energy, and she’s easy to be myself around. I love all of our little moments together. We always go and get soda from a vending machine, and afterwards, Selena would wear the cans as shoes.”

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Selena Gonzalez