Mrs. Matlock Carries Her Expertise to Kimmons


In high school back in 1983, Mrs. Tammy Matlock set the state record in the 800 meter and then went on to run track as a Lady Razorback for the University of Arkansas. Now, she is a 34-year veteran teacher and former track, softball, and cheer coach.

Her 6th grade teacher at Cook Elementary, Mr. Wheeler, first inspired Mrs. Matlock to become a teacher.

“He loved teaching and made me love learning,” Mrs. Matlock said. “His devotion definitely inspired me to grow up and do the same. Now, as a teacher, it’s my students who help me enjoy my job so much.”

For thirty years, Mrs. Matlock taught elementary and middle school Language Arts in Roland, Oklahoma. After retiring there, Mrs. Matlock started again in Arkansas by teaching 5th and 6th grade language Arts at Spradling. When FSPS reconfigured the school system, Mrs. Matlock moved to Kimmons.

“My goals for the school year included making sure my students realized how much I care about them and their futures,” Mrs. Matlock said.

Transitioning to eight periods in the day was by far the biggest challenge.

“I honestly am very tired by the time last period arrives,” Mrs. Matlock said. “The students appear to be equally exhausted. It’s a huge task to keep their attention and to give them my best.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Matlock enjoys spending time with her husband of 37 years, their son, two daughters, and grandchildren.

“They all live near, so we get to spend a lot of time together,” Mrs. Matlock said. “I also enjoy going camping. We usually have one or 10 of the grandkids with us.”