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Logan Claybaugh

Logan Claybaugh, Reporter

The blonde-haired blue-eyed Logan Claybaugh, 9th is funny, athletic, and smart.

“People laugh at me,” Logan said. “For example, I hit my head on doors, blurt out random things like ‘Pancake!’ and tell crazy hunting stories.”

Strong will is Logan’s best strength.

“I never give up, and I never forget anything,” Logan said.

Logan’s biggest accomplishment is killing his first deer when he was eleven.

“My dad smoked the backstrap and turned it into jerky,” Logan said. “It tasted like a nice summer morning.”

Yovani Zea Navarro, 9th, first met Logan back in 7th grade during Football.

“Logan is nice, competitive and funny sometimes,” Yovani said. “My favorite memory is linemen drills because we both got stronger and better at strikes, and it was fun.”

Logan’s all-time favorite movie is Rudy.

“It hits close to home because I’m also small and undersized for a lineman,” Logan said.

If Logan could be any animal, he would be a dog.

“I would never have to put pants on, and I would make people happy,” Logan said.

Profile written by Yanelly Portillo

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Logan Claybaugh