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Landen Thongthap

Landen Thongthap, Reporter

Landen Thongthap 9th, is a short, smart young man who is as feisty as a chihuahua.

“I would describe myself as very naïve because I’m never able to read between the lines, and I make some pretty dumb choices,” Landen said.

Loyalty and taking care of others are Landen’s best strengths.

“I am loyal because I have and always will be there for my friends and family, and I’ll always pull through for them,” Landen said.

The best advice Landen ever received came from his family who encouraged him to make people earn his loyalty.

“When someone has earned my loyalty, I honor it and never betray that loyalty,” Landen said. “This advice was valuable because it has made me a better friend and family member.”

Landen is different from his other family members.

“I’m a lot more loud and defiant than the rest of my family,” Landen said.

In his spare time, Landen enjoys helping friends and family with stuff.

“Helping people is something that just brings me so much satisfaction,” Landen said.

Friends are key to Landen.

“Words can’t even describe how important friends are to me,” Landen said. “I would endure many trials and tribulations for them, and I know they would do the same for me.”

Zoey Manuel, 9th, first met Landen in 7th grade, but they became friends in 8th when they talked to each other a lot.

“Sometimes Landen reminds me of an old man,” Zoey said. “My favorite memory is hanging out with him at the library after school last year.”

Landen would like to learn more about tennis.

“I’m really inexperienced,” Landen said.

Profile written by Joshua Martinez

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Landen Thongthap