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Lindsey Recinos

Lindsey Recinos, Reporter

Lindsey Recinos, 8th, is understanding, funny, and can light up a whole room. Her dad is important to Lindsey because he influenced her to work hard and get a good job.

“My dad wants the best for me,” Lindsey said.

The biggest challenge in growing up in her family has been having to take care of her baby sister Nataley.

“I take the responsibility of taking care of the youngest siblings,” Lindsey said. “I make sure they are fed and clean.”

Traveling to El Salvador with her family is Lindsey’s best memory.

“It stands out because I had never really gone out of the country and the first place, which I didn’t want to leave but you know I had to come back,” Lindsey said.

Because she is scared to disobey teachers or other adults, Lindsey is different from her friends.

“They are a bit more outgoing than I am,” Lindsey said.

What people need to know to really know Lindsey is if they need someone to talk to, Lindsey is available.

“I would describe myself as understanding because I always ask others what is wrong, sit down and listen, and try to hear what people have to say over why they feel a certain way,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey has a tight bond with Jeimi Martinez.

“Jeimi is always there for me when I need her and even if she is a little crazy I love her,” Lindsey said. “A great memory was when I went to Jeimi’s house one day and her baby sister threw up on me. It was so funny and gross at the same time.”

Lina Dang, 8th, first met Lindsey when she sat next to her in P.E and became partners on volleyball.

“Lindsey is a beautiful, caring, and easy-going friend that I can go to talk about my feelings with,” Lina said. “She's one of my best friends that I can rely on, and she is really smart and helped me a lot. I can just say she deserves the world more than me because I can be myself in front of her.”

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Lindsey Recinos