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Juliette Barbosa Ledesma

Juliette Barbosa Ledesma, Reporter

The short, black-haired, fashionable Juliette Barbosa, 8th, is a very funny, friendly person who describes herself as energetic.

“I am pretty good at making people laugh and am always jumping around,” Juliette said.

Juliette gets along with her sister Yarel the most.

“She’s only a year younger, so she understands a lot more than my brother Marco,” Juliette said.

Getting their first house is Juliette’s best family memory.

“My parents finally had something that's theirs and was big enough for all of us,”Juliette said.

Other than family, Juliette also appreciates her friends. A great memory was when she and all her friends went to Midland Bowl for the first time.

“That's when I really got to know them and figured out each quality I liked about each one,” Juliette said.

Sulemma Castillo, 8th, has been Juliette’s best friend for six years having first met at Albert Pike Elementary school.

"My favorite memory is when we made gingerbread houses, and Juliette’s wouldn’t stay up, so we had to hot glue it together,” Sulemma. “It was so funny! Juliette is a great friend because she’s really nice and caring and always knows how to make the best out of bad situations."
Juliette also values their friendship.

“Sulemma can cheer me up even when I am sad,” Juliette said.

Ashley Garcia’s first impression of Juliette was that she is really outgoing, not afraid to talk to anyone, and would always have stuff to talk about.

“Juliette is supportive of anything I do, and she'll cheer me on whatever we're doing,” Ashley said. “That's what makes Juliette an amazing friend. My favorite memory was when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings because it was fun and funny.”

Friends since 6th grade, Alexis Phoneseya likes how kind Juliette is.
“Juliette is a good friend because she is always there for me and helps me," Alexis said.
Juliette feels her best strength is reading.

“My favorite books are The Selection Series, The Inheritance Games, and Little Women,” Juliette said. “Reading is something I do a lot, so it is very easy for me.”

Flying in a plane is on Juliette’s Bucket List because she feels like it would be cool.

“I would also like to have a library with a moving ladder in my house because I would get a room full of books and get to move at the same time,” Juliette said. “Cliff jumping on a tropical island would be cool because tropical islands usually have good looking water.”

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Juliette Barbosa Ledesma