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Jonathan Dominguez

Jonathan Dominguez, Reporter

With his hazel eyes, curly hair, small size and his random odd personality, Jonathan Dominguez, 8th, is a guy who likes to bother people with his “smart answers.”

“I would describe myself as random, talkative, and odd,” Jonathan said,

Even though Jonathan can be an annoyance, he has a soft side for his family.

“The most influential family member would be my mom because she told me to be with the friends that I feel that are good,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan is very silly when he is with his friends.

“Friends are important to me because they always have my back and they are funny,” Jonathan said.

Kaleb McDonald, 9th, first met Jonathan in 5th period Journalism class.

“He’s a short funny little guy,” Kaleb said.

Other than annoying people or bothering them for money, Jonathan has a variety of hobbies.

“I like playing video games because they're entertaining,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan also likes playing sports, even though he might not seem like an athletic person.

“I like soccer, even though I don't play it anymore,” Jonathan said.

Profile written by Brian Delgado

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Jonathan Dominguez