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Chris Latham

Chris Latham, Reporter

Born in Japan, Chris Latham, 9th, is a funny, great guy who has a very deep voice.

“I would describe myself as very articulate, and my most distinct attribution is my voice,” Chris said.

One surprising fact about Chris is that he has been very interested in computers since he was six years old.

“My hobbies are gaming and art because they are the most satisfying to me,” Chris said.

Chris has fond memories of living on the west coast in Washington state.

“The best memory with my parents was when we lived in Washington,” Chris said. “This stands out because we lived on a very beautiful island.”

Despite his intriguing radio-style deep voice, Chris is actually quite shy.

“Something people need to know to really know me is I’m not a very talkative person,” Chris said. “I don’t talk to many people unless I have to.”

One of Chris’s biggest accomplishments in life so far is surviving childhood. Having good friends helps.

“Chris and I became friends on the first day of school when he said ‘Hey,’ and I said ‘Hey’ back,” Wesley Konkle, 9th, said. “My favorite memory with Chris was at lunch when we were eating nachos. Chris walked by with his plate full and said ‘A fat man has to eat.’”

Profile written by Halen Coyle

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Chris Latham