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Haydee Bermudez

Haydee Bermudez, Reporter

Haydee Bermudez, 8th, the enthusiastic girl who seems to have an endless amount of elation, is not afraid to take on new challenges and always finds happiness.

Haydee’s best strength is kindness.

“Even when I feel down, I still find a way to be happy,” Haydee said.

What people need to know to really know Haydee is she is open to many things, like shaving her head because it seems fun.

“I am scared if I don't take advantage of opportunities, then I will never get that chance again,” Haydee said.

If she created a Bucket List, Haydee would like to skydive because it seems fun.

“I would also finish watching Gilmore Girls because I am in the middle of the series, and I need to finish it,” Haydee said.

Haydee enjoys learning from her reading and writing experiences.

“With writing, I can expand my vocabulary and with reading, the knowledge is endless,” Haydee said.

When Kassidee Stewart, 8th, first met Haydee, she seemed very quiet and calm.

“That was a lie,” Kassidee said. “Haydee is the definition of hyper. She is also a good friend because she supports others, treats them with respect, and she’s overall kind and generous.”

Ashlyn Green, 8th, vocalizes that Haydee is a good friend because she is caring, funny, and smart.

“Haydee will comfort you in any situation,” Ashlyn said. “My favorite memory is when we looked at pictures of our favorite Anime characters.”

The best advice Haydee has received came from her sister Brigitt.

“She encouraged me to take action in the things I want to do and chase after my dreams,” Haydee said. “I have always taken that advice, and now I am unstoppable.”

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Haydee Bermudez