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Cole Grist

Cole Grist, Reporter

Cole Grist, 9th, gets sick very easily; yet, ironically he hates staying home. His best accomplishment so far is that he is on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.

"I would describe myself as smart, kind, boring, and anti-social," Cole said.

One of the bravest things Cole has ever done was jump off a bridge into water.

“My dad made me do it,” Cole said.

Evelyn Mancia, 9th, first met Cole in Mr. Wallace's 7th grade Social Studies class.

“I would describe Cole as nice, weird, funny, smart, quiet, serious, and tall,” Evelyn said. “He helps a lot of people, and you can talk to him about anything. I hope we stay friends in the future.”

KC Bennett, 9th, first met Cole in Journalism class where they would laugh together, and she began calling him “Grandma” because he looks like one.

“Cole is responsible and trustworthy but also goofy and talented," KC said. "My favorite memory is when I went to his house to watch a movie and we goofed around."

Friend Donald Dang, 9th, met Cole in kindergarten.

“I would describe Cole as the nicest and most creative person I know,” Donald said. “He is also a very good role model. My favorite memory would be when we played hide ‘n seek at his birthday party in 8th grade. It became the scariest, most suspenseful event I’ve experienced.”

Cole enjoys things other people usually don't like -- reading.

"My favorite books are the Jurassic Park novels by Michael Chrichton because they were slightly better than the movies," Cole said.

As for television series, Cole prefers The World According to Jeff Goldblum and The Mandalorian because they are entertaining. His all-time favorite movie is Avengers: Endgame because "it being so long and cohesive makes it very satisfying."

"My all-time favorite animated character is Anakin Skywalker because he is brave and one of the most powerful characters," Cole said.

Written by Cody Lockhart

All content by Cole Grist
Personification: Wick

Personification: Wick

Cole Grist, Reporter
October 24, 2019
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Cole Grist