The Bingeworthy-Series The Flash Moves to Netflix


The first four seasons of the CW series The Flash is currently streaming on Netflix, and if you have never watched it, now is the perfect time to start. To start off, I want to talk about CGI, because most shows on the CW are famous for poor CGI. I find that the CGI in this show is not that bad. It can look strange at times, but that was also because it is the first season, and it is a show made to be an hour long per episode produced weekly. The CGI Flash model is kind of creepy because all he is doing is baring his teeth. Besides that the effects look quite good and somewhat real.

Starting out in the first season, the character’s bond with each other and come off as a real people. They don’t act like they are being forced to act; they act like real people with real relationships to each other. The characters develop their personalities over time. The show used to be Barry fights crime, goes to work, finds a new meta, gets beat by the meta, gets mad at his team, fights the meta, everyone is happy again. The episodes used to work in a very similar tone and style to that. There was no development of the story and how it fleshed out. It would just be the same repeating arc. But that has completely changed. The characters are interacting with each other like they actually live in a world with Meta-Humans who could show up at any moment and kill all of them. The characters go from being completely new to each other to talking with each other about some of their most personal issues in just a matter of episodes.

The last thing I want to cover is the costuming and make-up. The Flash suit looked quite basic at the beginning of the series and did into Season 3. He kept the same suit throughout those seasons with some minor changes to make the suit look slightly different. In Season 4, Barry ends up getting a new suit with lots of advancements in the amount of tech in the suit. Barry Allen, Wally West, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Iris West, Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells, and Ralph Dibny all have special suits designed by Cisco. They all get them at some point during the series, and they all look great. They look way better to the comic versions. These are also some of the main characters that you will see in almost every episode. The Flash costuming team did a great job of designing the suits that their characters wear so that they are modernized for the current era and not from the 1940’s.

These really are the main aspects that I wanted to praise and/or criticize the show. I believe that the team that worked on The Flash did a great job of making something emotional, heartwarming, funny, and action packed. They deserve much praise, and I see why they have managed to craft six seasons. I would love to see even more of this show be created, but due to the current pandemic, that is going to be on hold for a while. But that doesn’t matter because I know that there is a sixth season for me to catch up on.

I would have to give The Flash a score of 4.75 stars out of 5. This show is great and I would highly recommend it to a fan of superheroes in general.