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Alexa White

Alexa White, Reporter

The brown-hair, brown-eyed Alexa White, 8th, has two sides: the nice, funny, weird one and the mean one. Even with these differences, Alexa has some goals.

“I plan to get better grades, fix my attitude, and work out more,” Alexa said.

Alexa gets along with her step sister and likes the same things.

“We like to dance, play with our little siblings, and wear the same clothes sometimes,” Alexa said.

Someone who really influenced Alexa was her grandfather who recently passed away.

“My grandpa would always take us with him, go out to eat, go to his house and go to the skating rink late at night,” Alexa said. “It is important to me because he influenced me to stay confident and stay out of bad drama.”

Xyliah Xayvongsa, 8th, described Alexa as pretty nice and rambunctious.

“Alexa will have her friends’ backs and be someone they can talk to if needed,” Xyliah said.

Alexa values her best friend Faith Bailey who has been there for her and never left her side for fake people.

“When I am mad at school, Faith gets me calm and to think about other things,” Alexa said. “Faith is the best friend I could ever have.”

Faith may have found Alexa annoying at first due to her excessive talking, but now she feels the same way.

“Alexa listens to me, and I listen to her,” Faith said. “One time, I was going through something, and she was the only one there for me.”

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Alexa White