Series Review: Heartland


Based on the bestselling series of books by Lauren Brooke, the CBC series Heartland is about a Canadian family who helps horses on their ranch. Back in season one, the teenaged Amy Fleming (played by Amber Marshall) lost her mom in a car accident during a really bad thunderstorm after they tried saving an abused horse named Spartan. Amy began a relationship with ranch hand Ty Borden (Graham Wardle), but he kept leaving her until she finally told him: “Do not say goodbye. I have had enough goodbyes from you.” Eventually, they work things out and get married in season nine.

Through the costuming, the audience can tell the show is set at a ranch. The cowgirls wear their hair straight or pulled up unless they get dressed up for events like a dance, graduation, or a wedding. The cowboys just look casual with their messy hair, blue jeans, boots, and western shirts.

In its 15th season, Heartland is a loving, caring family show for all ages. The storylines can help those who are struggling with relationship issues. Also, whoever needs help with their animals can watch and gain advice. You might think the show is boring at first, but if you keep watching, it gets interesting and fun, and the characters are caring.