Mr. Brown Travels to Europe, Lands in Fort Smith


From touring with a gospel choir and performing in sold-old concert halls in Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal, Mr. Jordan Brown has come full circle as a first-year Choir teacher here. A former Choir student himself, Mr. Brown chose to become an educator after being inspired by Mr. Terry Hicks at Bentonville High School.

“I was Mr. Hicks’ Choir student for four years and wanted to follow in his footsteps,” Mr. Brown said.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Brown has a main goal this year: survive starting his teaching career during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Just to be here supporting my students through this difficult time is an important goal,” Mr. Brown said. “I’m hoping we’ll be able to put on a Spring Choir show virtually,” Mr. Brown said.

Kimmons has brought an amazing experience to Mr. Brown.

“So far, the best thing has definitely been the students,” Mr. Brown said. “They have been so welcoming to me, and they are hilarious.”

Despite loving his job, this University of Arkansas graduate finds getting students to sing out is his biggest challenge.

“At this age, they’re really shy, and it’s very hard to get them to sing in front of their peers,” Mr. Brown said. “On top of that, it’s difficult because this is the first grade where students are learning how to read a piece of music. After working on those things then, we have to focus on technique.”

Apart from school, Mr. Brown really enjoys being at home.

“I love to watch movies and read books,” Mr. Brown said. “I’m also really into cooking, but that is still a work in progress.”