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Erendire Vanegas

Erendire Vanegas, Reporter

Erendire Vanegas, 9th, may be as tiny and feisty as a chihuahua, but she is also as caring and smart as a husky.

“My best strength is helping others because that is what I like doing, and it’s something I'm good at,” Erendire said.

Ashley Aceves, 9th, first met Erendire in the 5th grade, and they have been friends ever since.

“Erendire is a heartwarming girl and always thinks of others,” Ashley said. “She does not disrespect anyone and is very confident. She is always positive and has a lot of energy! When you meet her, you already click with her because her energy is that amazing!”

All of Erendire’s friends are really important to her.

“We have shared a lot of memories together,” Erendire said.

Joshua Martinez, 9th, has known Erendire since the 6th grade and enjoys annoying her by doing things like saying she looks like a fish.

“Erendire is funny when she gets mad because she looks like an angry bird,” Joshua said. “She is also helpful like when she gets me to write my name neater in Science.”

Being nicer makes Erendire different from her friends. She is known as the mom of the group.

“She’s always taking care of other people like if they are sad, she comforts them,” Yaneli Vargas, 9th, said.

Somewhere Erendire would like to travel to is the Bahamas.

“It seems relaxing and fun,” Erendire said.

A flaw Erendire would like to eliminate is eating too much junk food.

“I play soccer and eating too much junk food makes me more out of shape,” Erendire said.

13 Reasons Why, Erendire’s favorite show, is as intense as being in a dark mansion alone.

“It’s made me cry a lot of times,” Erendire said.

Olivida Rodrigo is Erendire’s favorite musician.

“She writes songs about broken hearts, and it always makes me feel for her,” Erendire said.

Profile written by Aviyel James

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Erendire Vanegas