TV Show Review: The Flash


Jennifer Galdamez, Reporter

The CW television show The Flash is about a normal forensics guy named Barry Allen who, after being struck by lightning, gains the ability of super speed. This power leads him to create a secret alter ego named The Flash. With help from his friends at Star Labs, the Flash catches meta-humans (others with super powers). In Season 1, the Flash was mostly out to avenge the death of his mother. Now, he just tries to make Central City a better place.

The actors,such as Grant Gustin as the Flash make audiences feel what the characters are feeling and to connect with them. The special effects throughout the series are so good that it seems that running at lightning speed is possible. The way the directors make the characters with special powers change is so believable!

The thing about this show is that between the action, there is also humor brought by the funny dialogue of Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). The Flash brings something different and unexpected with each episode.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars