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Zoey Manuel

Zoey Manuel, Reporter

Zoey Manuel, 8th, is a kind-hearted, joyful person who likes to be herself and goof around. Her favorite t-shirt features a giant green pickle character named Pickle Rick.

"I would describe myself as undeniably odd," Zoey said. "My friends are important to me because I can talk about whatever and be myself."

Cadence Labs, 8th, added that Zoey is funny and weird in a good way.

“Zoey is also extraordinarily nice, inviting, and loving," Cadence Labs, 8th, said. "My favorite memory was when we stood outside the library and stared at a spider. Then we laughed for twenty minutes."

Haylee Parcher, 8th, first met Zoey in sixth grade when Zoey followed her around until she finally gave in and started talking to her.

“Zoey is very protective, weird, and smart," Haylee said. "My favorite memory would have to be whenever she and I both spent a week just living in her attic and having a fun time."

Zoey enjoys traveling.

“I would love to go to Yellow Stone National Park because I like nature,” Zoey said.

Written by KC Bennett

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Zoey Manuel