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Malika Smith, Reporter

Even though Malika Smith, 9th, is as crazy as a lion eating its prey, she also has a sweet side.

“I would describe myself as nice, sweet, and outgoing,” Malika said.

Malika loves to go to Mexico to buy tamales but has had some bad travel experiences.

‘’My worst travel experience was when I went to Conway because I got car sick,” Malika said.

Malika loves her family. Her grandmother has influenced her the most because she is a caring person who never gives up in life.

“My grandma took me in when my mom was going through a tough time,” Malika said. “My mom wasn't feeling good and needed to be alone.’’

Friends are also important to Malika.

“Malika has a cute face and is so adorable,” Xhyliah Grice, 9th, said.

Jazzlyn ?, 9th, first met Malika through family and then became close friends with her.

“Malika is so funny and kind,” Jazzlyn said. “That's why she is one of my favorite friends but more like a sister to me.”

Chliyah ? also appreciates Malika’s kindness.

“Malika is a funny and great person,” Chliyah said. “She is kind hearted to people she doesn't even know.”

Profile written by Jorge Barroso

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Malika Smith