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JaNasia Webster

JaNasia Webster, Reporter

JaNasia Webster, 8th, is a TikTok video-making outgoing student who can be both quiet as a mouse and very talkative when with her friends. Some people think that just because she plays around, she gets bad grades.

“A surprising fact about me is even though I goof around at school, I actually do my work,” JaNasia said.

As for sports, JaNasia enjoys playing basketball.

“It calms me down when I'm not in the mood,” JaNasia said. “A great memory was when we went out to eat after the game in Fayetteville because we were all just having a good time and laughing.”

Friends are important to JaNasia.

“When I’m upset, who is going to be there for me, or who is going to be there to listen to the things that’s going on?” JaNasia said.

JaNasia is also a good friend.

“I listen when people talk to me about their feelings and what's going on, and I give them advice,” JaNasia said.

Jamiah Hall, 8th, enjoys JaNasia’s friendship.

“She always helps people and makes them laugh,” Jamiah said.

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